Marvel Heroes Latest Updates

Developer Q&A

Doomsaw will be having an Q&A over at this Friday (11/22) at 4pm PST. Head over to the question thread during that time to post your questions, a lucky few will even win a Gambit Hero Pack!


PvP Has Arrived!

We are extremely excited to announce that our new PvP mode Fire & Ice has launched in Beta form. Fire & Ice brings a brand new PvP combat mode to Marvel Heroes, pitting two teams of five players against one another!


Asgard and Beyond!

Hello all!

I wanted to stop by and thank everyone for the absolutely incredible support of Marvel Heroes - both players and developers.

We continue to have steady growth and we're escalating our efforts to introduce new players to Marvel Heroes. We have a long-term arrangement with Marvel and are planning for many years of new heroes, new content, new itemization variety and new modes for everyone, from solo players to groups and beyond.

We will have the public testing of Gambit coming quite soon.


Marvel Heroes PvP Developer Livestream

Marvel Heroes will be holding a livestream on Friday November 15th at 4:00PM PDT. Developers from the Marvel Heroes team will be discussing PvP and fielding questions from our Twitch.TV channel. There will also be giveaways to viewers!

If you'd like to subscribe, head over to our page here:


Two New Costumes Now Available!

This week we are introducing two new costumes to the store, Colossus' Age of Apocalypse costume, as well as Scarlet Witch's Ultimate costume. Both are available now in the in-game store.


Asgard - Game Update 2.0 Now Live!

Game Update 2.0 is now live in Marvel Heroes! Our biggest content update ever features a new playable character... the God of Mischief himself, Loki! Unlock the Bifrost Bridge to Asgard, adventure through expansive new zones, play through new story missions, explore our new player hub & much more!

Looking to track your progress in the Asgard Unlock Event? Head over to our Asgard Event Leaderboards!


Loki Has Arrived in Marvel Heroes!

A brand new playable hero has been added to Marvel Heroes! Thor’s deceitful brother uses his powers of sorcery to create illusions, wield ice magic, and cast deadly debuffs on enemies! The question is – why is he working with the heroes to defeat Doctor Doom?