Marvel Heroes Latest Updates

Fortune Card & Iridium Sale!

For a limited time only, we are introducing a Mega Box of Fortune Cards containing 36 of EACH type of Fortune Card! To go along with this awesome new box, we've put all 4 boxes of Fortune Cards on sale for 20% OFF as well. Also for a limited time only, we're introducing two Iridium bundles! Receive 10x Iridium Boosts, or Iridium Rush Bars at a discount!


MMO Play writes about their time in Marvel Heroes!

MMO Play has an article of their time playing Marvel Heroes!

"All in all though, I've greatly enjoyed my journey so far in Marvel Heroes. I was looking for a game that has lots of action and is fun to play, and I have to say that the game delivers."

Read about their experience here!


Moon Knight Presale Now Live!

Moon Knight. He's a ghost, a spectre of the moon, the moon's knight of vengeance, and he's available for Presale now! As always, this presale pack is 10% off the normal price and the discount is only for a limited time, so hurry and grab the "Fist of Khonshu" now!


Valentine's Party Weekend!

Party up this weekend! Following the spirit of our previous holiday events, this week we're celebrating Valentine's Day in Marvel Heroes by granting 50% BONUS XP for simply being in a party with other players, special Valentine's bundles, a new exclusive boost, and much more! Ends February 17th.


Lady Loki Enhanced Costume!

Lady Loki has arrived in Marvel Heroes. She is our newest Enhanced Costume for Loki and features new voice over plus much more. She is available in the store individually or as a bundle with Loki, a few Fortune Cards and more!


GameRevolution Updated Marvel Heroes Review

GameRevolution has published an updated review for Marvel Heroes, check out what they had to say!


Forge of Asgard - Game Update 2.2 Now Live!

Our latest Game Update 2.2 - Forge of Asgard is now live and includes Runewords along with a new item enchantment feature. Gather runes and use them to enchant existing gear, or combine them together to create runewords which imbue Uru-Forged items with immense power!

Here are some highlights but be sure to check out the full patch notes for Game Update 2.2 - Forge of Asgard here!