Scarlet Witch


Born to a mutant father, imbued with sorcerous potential by a demon trapped in Wundagore Mountain, and raised by her adoptive gypsy parents, Wanda Maximoff's life was full of intrigue long before she became aware of her powers.

The Scarlet Witch began her career fighting the X-Men as a member of her father Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

But she became disillusioned with villainy, instead joining the Avengers after several of that team's founding members left.

As both a mutant and a sorceress, Wanda's reality-altering powers and devastating hex bolts make her a formidable opponent.

Starting Powers 

Hex Bolt

Blast an enemy with a damaging hex.

Hex Orb

Unleash an orb of chaos that stuns enemies in its path.

Chaos Warp

Bewildering Hex

Beginner's Guide

The daughter of Magneto and sister to Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch is an accomplished mutant sorceress, using Chaos Magic to weaken, incapacitate, and otherwise destroy large groups of enemies. Scarlet Witch’s abilities allow you to stay back and let the power of Chaos Magic deal with your enemies swiftly!

Wanda uses her Hex Bolt power to damage enemies as they approach, firing blasts of Chaos Magic at foes. Though this power does its own damage, it can also trigger Scarlet Witch’s passive power, Chaos Magic without spending any Spirit. Chaos Magic gives a small chance for any of Scarlet Witch’s powers to have a random effect on enemies, such as slowed movement or attack speed, increased vulnerability, and a number of others.

While Hex Bolt does well for single targets, what can Scarlet Witch use against waves of enemies? Try Hex Orb, which sends a single ball of Chaos spiraling through enemies in a straight line and stuns them. As with any other Scarlet Witch power, Hex Orb can also trigger Wanda’s Chaos Magic power and cause additional negative effects to enemies.

Level 2: A running theme with Scarlet Witch’s powers is that she uses Chaos Magic to depower her enemies, and this still holds true with Enervation Hex. When she uses this power, enemies affected have their damage reduced by a percentage, rendering them more vulnerable to attacks. This is great against stronger enemies, as Scarlet Witch can lower their defense before using her other more powerful abilities!

Level 3: If you find enemies surrounding you, Hex Binding is a good solution! This power will completely immobilize enemies and apply a damage-over-time effect that will slowly sap a target’s health. Hex Binding is great for completely incapacitating a group of enemies to maximize damage from Scarlet Witch’s other powers.

Level 4: As with some other heroes, Scarlet Witch has a set of powers that cost spirit to activate, but stay active until they are deactivated known as “veils”. Her first, Enfeebling Veil will weaken any enemy that attack Wanda. As an accomplished sorceress rather than a giant green rage monster, Scarlet Witch can be susceptible to strong attacks at times and being able to mitigate their damage potential is very important.

Level 6: One of Scarlet Witch’s most useful powers is unlocked at this point; Combusting Hex. This power allows Wanda to lay down a circle of burning Hex magic that deals damage over time to enemies. One of the best early power combinations for Scarlet Witch is to incapacitate enemies with Hex Binding (which ensures they don’t escape) and to cast Combusting Hex under them.

Scarlet Witch excels at dealing damage, or helping her teammates by locking down and weakening targets. She’s a great hero for group play, and with the right combination of powers, can be very effective on her own as well. She does best against multiple enemies, as her powers typically deal damage to a wide area.







Wanda Maximoff



Unlocked with Eternity Splinters
Available for Purchase