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Black Bolt Now Available on Console!

Black Bolt

Black Bolt launches on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 today! The king of Attilan may not have as much to say as the other 42 playable Marvel Heroes Omega characters but, thanks to his ability to channel and manipulate electrons and particles, a mere whisper from the King of the Inhumans can destroy an entire civilization His actions don’t speak louder than his words— his words are his actions.

Black Bolt is currently available as a timed exclusive by purchasing the Black Bolt Pack in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace – and will be available to acquire with Eternity Splinters or Gs on November 2nd, 2017.

Costumes Preview:

Check out Black Bolt's first costumes in Marvel Heroes Omega on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 available in his pack now!


About Black Bolt

Experiencing terrigenesis before he was born, Blackagar Boltagon was granted frighteningly destructive powers. With a voice strong enough to destroy whole worlds, his parents would isolate and teach him to control his abilities. Finding silent companionship in one of his few visitors, Medusalith Amaquelin, the two's romance would blossom into marriage.

But when Blackagar used his voice to protect the city, many lives of the Inhumans' leading council were lost—including his parents. Blackagar reluctantly inherited the mantle of King of the Inhumans with Medusalith at his side. Though he justly serves the people of Attilan through the wise words his council, he chooses his own words to protect Attilan from those who would put the Inhumans in danger.