FAQ on Eternity Splinters

Have a question about the new way to earn heroes in Marvel Heroes? Read our Eternity Splinters FAQ! Be sure and check out Dave Brevik's latest Dev Blog where he discusses Eternity Splinters.

Q: What are Eternity Splinters?
Eternity Splinters are rare items that drop from enemies as loot throughout Marvel Heroes. They can drop from any enemy or boss in the game. Eternity Splinters can be used as currency to buy items including new hero unlocks, additional levels in your Ultimate Power and Retcon Devices. In the future, more items may be able to be purchased with Eternity Splinters.

Q: Why are Eternity Splinters being added to the game?
Eternity Splinters are being added to give all players the opportunity to earn any hero they wish to play over time. With Eternity Splinters being dropped consistently and with fixed prices for heroes, players will be less reliant on luck to get new heroes – they can earn the hero they want to play, for free.

Q: How often will Eternity Splinters drop as in-game loot?
The drop rate for Eternity Splinters is designed to allow an average player to earn a hero at the same rate as other popular free to play games, or slightly faster. You can increase this rate via your special item find percentage. While Eternity Splinters do drop as random loot, they are designed to drop at a faster rate than hero tokens previously dropped at. Enemies will have a much higher chance of dropping an individual Eternity Splinter than they did a hero token, making the process of collecting splinters (and therefore, heroes) much more consistent for players over time.

Q: How much do new heroes and items cost in Eternity Splinters?
Heroes will be priced in three tiers. Final pricing will be determined before the final launch of Eternity Splinters; we will be tracking metrics based on initial public testing, to ensure players are able to acquire heroes at a reasonable rate. Our initial pricing for the Test Center deployment of Eternity Splinters will be as follows:

Tentative Eternity
Splinter Cost
Tentative Eternity
Splinter Cost
Black Widow 200   Hulk 400
Daredevil 200   Human Torch 400
Hawkeye 200   Jean Grey 400
Scarlet Witch 200   Ms Marvel 400
Storm 200   Punisher 400
Thing 200   Rocket Raccoon 400
Black Panther 400   Thor 400
Cable 400   Wolverine 400
Captain America 400   Deadpool 600
Colossus 400   Iron Man 600
Cyclops 400     Spider-Man 600

In addition, these are the tentative prices for other non-hero items:

  • 125 Eternity Splinters for a Retcon Device
  • 200 Eternity Splinters to add a level to your Ultimate Power

Q: Do Eternity Splinters stack?
Yes. Eternity Splinters will stack up to 1,000 per stack.

Q: Can Eternity Splinters be sold or traded?
No. Eternity Splinters bind on pickup to your account, so they cannot be traded with other players. They also cannot be sold to a vendor for credits, or donated for experience, or destroyed.

Q: Are hero tokens being removed from Marvel Heroes? Will we ever get a hero as a drop?
Yes, hero tokens will be removed from Marvel Heroes when Eternity Splinters are added to the live game. Any existing hero tokens in your inventory or stash will still be able to be used to unlock heroes or increase the level of an Ultimate Power. Hero tokens may return for a few special zones that are in development, but generally, Eternity Splinters will be the primary way to acquire new heroes.

Q: Will costumes still drop as loot in Marvel Heroes? Will we be able to buy them with Eternity Splinters?
Yes, costumes available in the in-game store will still drop as loot in Marvel Heroes. ‘Chase’ costumes will remain available as in-game loot only. We have no current plans to allow costumes to be purchased using Eternity Splinters.

Q: Where can I buy items with Eternity Splinters?
You can buy items with Eternity Splinters from Adam Warlock, a new vendor. Adam Warlock will be found close to Gambit in each of the three social hubs (Avengers Tower, Xavier’s School, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier).

Q: When will Eternity Splinters start appearing in Marvel Heroes?
We will be launching Eternity Splinters on the Marvel Heroes Test Server for initial public testing. This is scheduled to happen in the week beginning July 15th, 2013. After public testing, which we hope will be for a short period, Eternity Splinters will be added as loot drops to the live game. Any Eternity Splinters acquired on the Test Server will not be transferred to a live account.

Q: I have unused Cosmic Keys. What should I do with them?
When Eternity Splinters are added as loot drops to the live game, a feature will be added that will allow unused Cosmic Keys to be traded in for Eternity Splinters, at a rate to be determined.

Q: Are any other items able to be exchanged for Eternity Splinters?
Yes. Cube Shards, which are obtainable from endgame mission terminals, will be able to be exchanged for Eternity Splinters, at an exchange rate to be determined. By saving Cube Shards in the live game today, you’ll be able to exchange them for Eternity Splinters later if you wish.

Q: Will hero tokens still drop in the live game before Eternity Splinters are added?
Yes. Until Eternity Splinters are added to the live game, you will still be able to gain hero tokens as loot.

Q: With Hero Tokens being removed from the game in place of Eternity Splinters, how will Ultimate Powers be leveled?
Players will be able to use Eternity Splinters to upgrade their Ultimate Power. These will all be priced equal to the cost of the least-expensive hero, regardless of the hero you are trying to upgrade. We feel the more expensive heroes should not cost more to upgrade an Ultimate Power, so they will all be the same price.

I’ve got more questions about Eternity Splinters.
We’d love to hear from you. Please join us in the official Marvel Heroes Forums to talk about the new Eternity Splinter system, and watch out for more information about the launch of the Test Server soon!