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Father's Day Sale!

Father's Day Sale!

Celebrate Father’s Day with 25% OFF for some of our favorite Marvel Heroes dads and their costumes!

For a limited time, you can purchase any of the following heroes and any of their costumes for 25% OFF!

  • Cable
  • Cyclops
  • Hulk
  • Luke Cage
  • Wolverine

Also check out our special Father’s Day Bundle! This bundle includes all five of the heroes listed above, 2 of each of their costumes (10 costumes total), each Hero’s S.T.A.S.H, one of each Fortune Card Mark 1-6 and 5 Retcon Devices.

The costumes included in this bundle are:

  • Cable Modern Costume (Default)
  • Cable War Baby Costume
  • Cyclops Astonishing Costume (Default)
  • Cyclops 90s X-Men Costume
  • Hulk Classic Costume (Default)
  • Hulk Planet Hulk Costume
  • Luke Cage Modern Costume (Default)
  • Luke Cage Earth X Costume
  • Wolverine Modern Yellow Costume (Default)
  • Wolverine X-Force Costume

This sale won’t be here long, so celebrate these Marvel Heroes fathers with this bundle today!