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Introducing Omega Prestige!


We’re excited to introduce the Omega Prestige system on Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

With the new Omega Prestige system, we introduce “Omega Prestige” status for select heroes with a new “Omega Prestige Rank” system for those looking to unlock the true potential of a hero and to help prepare players for more challenging end-game content coming soon. Omega Prestige marks the culmination of your hero’s journey. This is an extension of the normal Prestige system, extending end-game playtime considerably for anyone who is up to the challenge.

The first hero eligible for Omega Prestige is Spider-Man – and we have plans to make many more heroes available for Omega Prestige in the future. Similar to the traditional Prestige system, unlocking Omega Prestige returns your hero to level 1. But each time you hit Level 60 with that hero again, you will be able to unlock an additional Omega Prestige Rank, maxing out at an Omega Prestige Rank of 70.

Achieving Omega Prestige with Spider-Man – and other heroes down the road – will unlock some of the most powerful benefits and unique visuals updates currently available in Marvel Heroes Omega. See below for more details on perks and bonuses awarded for Omega Prestige heroes:

Omega Prestige Visual Effect at Omega Prestige Rank 1

A unique visual effect shows your hero crackling with Omega-level power and can be toggled on or off.

Two New Traits Available at Omega Prestige Rank 1

Omega Prestige heroes receive two brand-new traits. For Spider-Man, players can look forward to the“Omega Brawler” Trait, which adds plus one to your Strength and Fighting each time you increase your Omega Prestige Rank.

In addition, Spider-Man players will unlock the “Omega Agility” trait, which adds plus ten to Defense and Dodge Rating stats each time you increase your Omega Prestige Rank.

Ultimate Power Cooldown Available at Omega Prestige Rank 1

Omega Prestige heroes will be able to activate their Ultimate Power more often with a reduced cooldown of 60 seconds. This takes the base cooldown -- before any additional ranks into the Ultimate -- from 10 minutes to 9 minutes.

Hero Synergy Bonuses Available at Omega Prestige Rank 1

Stat boosts from Hero Synergy Bonuses will be DOUBLED for Omega Prestige heroes.

For Omega Spider-Man:

  • At level 25, +2% Dodge Rating Multiplier doubles to +4% Dodge Rating Multiplier.
  • At level 50, +2% Dodge Rating Multiplier doubles to another +4% Dodge Rating Multiplier.

New Legendary Item

Receive a unique Legendary Item themed after your Omega Prestige rank hero. For Spider-Man, players will receive a Starktech Suit Legendary item. Check out the item’s full description below:

  • Starktech Auto-Web Cartridge: Replenish 5% Webbing when you dodge an attack.
  • Rank 1: +2,500 Dodge Rating.
  • Rank 2: +750 Damage Rating to Hand-to-Hand Powers.
  • Rank 3: +1,000 Critical Hit Rating to Webbing Powers. +1,000 Brutal Strike Rating to Webbing Powers.
  • Rank 4: Your Webbing Powers have a chance to reduce the Movement and Attach Speed of your enemies by 90% for 2 seconds.
  • Rank 5: Spider-Sense: When below 50% health, heighten your Spider-Sense and do whatever a spider can, dodging all incoming attacks and gaining 4 Strength for 3 seconds (15 second Cooldown).

Omega Prestige Nameplate at Omega Prestige Rank 1

New icons let everyone know you’re playing an Omega Prestige hero.

Omega Prestige Flourish at Omega Prestige Rank 1

Omega Prestige heroes will receive a special Flourish as a reward for achieving Omega Prestige status.


How to Unlock Omega Prestige for Spider-Man

For a limited time, players can unlock Omega Prestige Rank 1 for Spider-Man and skip Prestige ranks 1-6 by purchasing the “Spider-Man Omega Prestige Pack” from the PSN or Microsoft Store for $39.99.

The Spider-Man Omega Prestige Pack includes:

  • Spider-Man Hero
  • Spider-Man Omega Prestige Unlock
  • Iron Spider Enhanced Costume
  • 2,000 Gs
  • 5 Combination Boosts

This pack will be available to be purchased FOR ONE MONTH ONLY.

Players who prefer to unlock Omega Prestige rank by leveling up must first achieve Prestige Rank 6 with a hero eligible for Omega Prestige (currently Spider-Man with more to come soon). From there, players must purchase and learn the Omega Prestige Recipe from the Quartermaster, John Werner, for 200 Eternity Splinters. This is a one time purchase for all future Omega Prestige Heroes. After learning the recipe, players can go to Brian Waggoner, the Engineer, to craft the Omega Prestige capabilities specifically for that Hero for 400 Eternity Splinters and 400 Omega Essence. Additionally, the Engineer will reward players with an Omega Prestige Legendary Box which includes a Legendary for the hero they are Prestiging, as well as an Omega Prestige Flourish. There is no limit to when players can unlock Omega Prestige with this method.

Omega Essence drops from any enemy in the game as long as the player is playing on Cosmic difficulty or higher. Additionally, enemies can also drop Fractured Omega Essence in which the Engineer can take these and turn them into an Omega Essence! Omega Essence can also be purchased from the Quartermaster for 25 Eternity Splinters each.

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