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Iron Man Level 52 Review!

Iron Man's Level 52 Review

Iron Man has long been established as one of the most iconic heroes in the Marvel Universe. In typical fashion, Mr. Stark has established himself in Marvel Heroes 2015 as one of the most powerful and popular heroes to play. With this in mind, our team set out to deliver progression up to level 52 without disturbing what makes Iron Man great. In the words of our incredible community team:

"Our changes for Iron Man’s review revolved around a single goal: keep everything that makes him powerful and unique while increasing the number of viable builds and powers in his kit to truly emphasize his ability to handle any encounter."

Iron Man Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

Iron Man's Guardians of the Galaxy costume couldn't have come at a better time. Starting today, you can now purchase his red Guardians of the Galaxy costume in the store! We are fulfilling Iron Man's exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy White Variant costume to those who have purchased the Pro Pack. If you haven't purchased the Pro Pack and want to get your hands on Iron Man's White Variant costume, it's still available in the web store!

After meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy during a battle with Thanos - Tony Stark created this new armor (also known as the Mk III Space Armor) to travel off-world. Using this armor, Tony traveled with the Guardians for a time, battling Star-Lord's father J-Son and others before returning to Earth.

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