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Mighty Women Loot Box Last Chance!

Mighty Women Box

LAST CHANCE to get the Mighty Women Loot Box! This loot box which offers a chance to unlock costumes for Jean Grey, Captain America, Thor, and more will be leaving the store on August 24th!

The Mighty Women Loot Box offers chances to unlock the following costumes:

  • Black Widow Costume inspired by Marvel's Avengers Movie Costume
  • Kitty Pryde: Age of Apocalypse Costume
  • Captain Marvel: Classic Costume
  • Scarlet Witch Costume inspired by Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Costume
  • Jean Grey: X-Men 90’s Costume
  • Storm: Astonishing X-Men Costume
  • Jean Grey: Dark Phoenix Costume
  • Black Cat: Pop Star Costume
  • Thor: Jane Foster Thor (Enhanced) Costume
  • Captain America: American Dream (Enhanced) Costume