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New Defenders Event Now Available

Defenders Event

A new Defenders event launches today for PC and soon on Aug. 24 for consoles. The new event finds players facing off against members of The Hand for a variety of limited-time rewards. The Hand has returned to New York and Misty Knight is on the lookout for heroes to stop the ancient order. Head to Avengers Tower and speak with Misty Knight for your assignment and take the first steps towards suppressing The Hand incursion.

Both PC and console players can look forward to new Daily Missions as well as event exclusive rewards for participating.


A Defender's Task at Hand (Account Mission)

  • Misty Knight is looking for some heroes for hire to deal with a sudden rise in criminal activity with The Hand. Talk to her in Avengers Tower for your first assignment.
    • Reward: 50 Orders from The Hand

Daily Missions (Shared Mission)

  • Daily Defenders: Midtown Patrol (PC Only)
  • Daily Defenders: Hightown Patrol (PC Only)
  • Event: Daily Defenders (Console Only)


  • Reward: 20 Orders from the Hand (PC Only)
  • Hell's Kitchen Loot Box (Console Only)



These new Artifacts can be purchased with Orders from the Hand at the Event Terminal in Avenger's Tower:

  • Kirigi's Tetsubishi
  • Bullseye’s Deck of Cards
  • Elektra’s Bandana


Additional items and features are also included in the PC and Console versions of the event. Check in-game and in the patch notes for all the details!