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Spooky Loot Box Now Available!

Spooky Loot Box

Today our Spooky Loot Box hits the in-game store with a host of new costumes fit for the spookiest season of the year:

  • Moon Knight - Earth X Costume
  • Black Cat - Pop Star Costume
  • Venom - Toxin Costume
  • Blade - Original Costume
  • Hulk - Revengers Costume
  • Punisher - Frankencastle Costume
  • Ghost Rider - Ghost Racers (Secret Wars) Costume
  • Psylocke - Lady Mandarin Costume
  • Deadpool - Deadpool the Kid ENHANCED Costume
  • Gambit - Gambit as Death ENHANCED Costume

These Spooky Loot Boxes will be available for a limited time through October for this Halloween season!