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Team Up with Medusa!


Medusa is now available as the newest Team-Up in Marvel Heroes 2016, add her to your Team-Up roster today!

About Medusa

Growing up an Inhuman under the House of Agon, Medusalith Amaquelin’s early infancy exposure to the Terrigen Mists granted her the power to psionically shape and manipulate her own genetically altered hair just as if they were her own limbs. Finding compassion in her mute second cousin, Blackagar Boltagon, the two’s love would mature into a royal engagement.

As Queen of the Inhumans, she governs Atitlan as the voice of royal family. But as she commands with her staunch leadership and steadfast demeanor, she harnesses her uniquely adaptable Inhuman abilities to combat and defend her people those that would see her kingdom in ruins

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