Patch Notes Game Update 1.15

Game Build:

This week’s patch includes fixes for a few important issues as well as some small character changes to ensure players are able to enjoy their heroes before Game Update 1.2. We expect to have 1.2 on the Test Center on Sunday.

General Changes

  • Increased XP slightly in level 30-34 Manhattan, and level 35+ Manhattan. The experience awards are not going to be perfect until the big August patch – some things will be awarding very high experience and some lower than intended. All of this will be adjusted with the big August patch, expected on August 29th. We will use live tuning to get as close as possible to intended numbers.
  • Defeating a boss will now net three times the amount of credits as before.

Item Changes

  • Adam Warlock no longer sells Rare Chase costumes for Eternity Splinters.

Hero/Power Changes

  • Recovery animations have been removed from the following powers for increased usability:
    1. Black Panther: Evasive Throw
    2. Black Widow: Evasive Shot
    3. Hawkeye: Elusive Arrow
    4. Ms. Marvel: Evasive Blast
    5. Rocket Raccoon: Cunning Shot
    6. Spider-Man: Evasive Websling
    7. Storm: Elusive Blast

Black Widow

Black Widow has received a small buff this patch in addition to a second rework of the Micro-Drones that should improve their usability, fun, and power. Please note, this is the first of a much greater list of changes coming to Black Widow, but many of the upcoming upgrades are tied directly to the new defense system coming soon.

  • Painful Precision: Has been moved to the “Weaponry” skill tree.
  • Acrobatic Assault: Escape Roll prerequisite has been removed.
  • Rolling Grenades: Explosion timers have been offset so that they detonate in a cascade to hit at a wider variety of ranges. Please let us know how this change feels on the Black Widow forums!
  • Coup De Grace: No longer requires a target to be stunned or knocked down to use in order to improve the usability of the power. Spirit cost has been increased to 15 and the damage has been reduced by roughly 30%. Now deals double damage to knocked down or stunned targets.
  • Micro-Drones: This power has been redesigned. Drones now release in a burst of 24 at all ranks, deal splash damage, travel much faster, and seek out targets rapidly.


Deadpool’s changes this week are mostly quality of life changes to make some of his powers more clear. Deadpool is due for a design review very soon

  • Stink Bomb: Now gets the proper damage bonus from synergy with Itty Bitty Boom.
  • Power Ups: Tooltip for "next rank" now explains that power ups become more effective with ranks.
  • Flesh Wound: Now gets synergy bonus for the DoT effect as well as the base damage.


Cyclops’ only change this week is a very important bug fix that prevented players from using an important power in boss fights. Cyclops’ survivability will be increased by the new defense system, allowing Cyclops to fight more aggressively.

  • Channeled Blast: Damage is no longer resisted when the slow effect is.


Punisher gets a few minor tweaks with this patch that were left over from the previous changes. His survivability will be greatly improved with the upcoming changes to defense.

  • Killer Instinct: Now gives Vengeance when you use Punish The Guilty.
  • Flechette Blast: Tooltip now displays bleed/debuff duration.

Content Additions

New Costumes

Three brand new costumes are now dropping in-game as loot and are available in the in-game store (press ‘X’ to open the store)!

  1. Black Panther Vibranium Armor Costume
    This battle armor was used by Black Panther during the superhuman Civil War. It greatly enhanced his abilities and allowed him to go toe to toe with both Iron Man and Captain America.
  1. HumanTorch 2099 Costume
    This unique, purple skinned Human Torch is actually an Atlantean with mutant fire-based powers from the Timestorm universe. Relur was a combatant in underground arenas where he did battle with Spider-Man 2099 (and eventually helped him escape the underground prison they were incarcerated in).
  1. Punisher Marvel NOW! Costume
    The Punisher adopted this red skull and body armor look after joining Thunderbolt Ross (AKA Red Hulk’s) Thunderbolts.

Bug Fixes

Fixed defense stat display issues in the character sheet. Both the issue and the fix were purely cosmetic.