Get Ready For The Launch of Marvel Heroes

In preparation for the launch of Marvel Heroes on June 4th, we want to make ensure that you're ready to play with the launch version of the Marvel Heroes game client on your PC!

If you have ever installed the Marvel Heroes Beta game client before May 23rd, 2013, you must uninstall the Beta game client and re-install the launch game client.

To uninstall Marvel Heroes Beta Client:

To uninstall the Marvel Heroes Beta game client, click on the Windows Start button in the bottom left hand side of your screen. Find the "Marvel Heroes Beta folder" in your list of installed programs. Click on the folder and select "Uninstall Marvel Heroes Beta" (as shown below).

Once the Beta Client is uninstalled, proceed to the next step.

To Install the Marvel Heroes Launch Client:

Once you have uninstalled the Marvel Heroes Beta game client, download the Marvel Heroes launch game client installer by clicking the button below. Save the file to your PC, locate it and run it to install the game launcher. Allow the game launcher to fully patch (this will be a large download) and then you'll be ready to play the game.

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